Google Ads Conversion Tracking Validation

Make sure your conversion tracking works as it should by validating and double-checking your setup.

Google Ads Conversion Tracking Validation

If you have completed your Analyzify setup, including the Google Ads Conversions, this tutorial is for you to test and make sure the tag is working perfectly.

At first, we will visit the Google Ads Conversions screens to see if the data is coming there as expected. Later on, we will check if everything is in place, and then we will validate the data through Google Ads.

Before continuing with the validation, please make sure you receive several orders after your setup has been completed. You should also allow Google Ads a few hours to proceed your data. If your store doesn’t receive orders regularly, then you should run a test order and again wait for a couple of hours to continue with the validation.

Validation Conversions Through Google Ads

Follow the steps in this link to understand when was the last time the Google Ads conversion tracking tag had been triggered.

According to the validation steps in the link, if you aren't seeing the “Last Seen:” time correctly, then you should follow the steps below to double-check your setup.

Double-Check Your Setup

Follow the steps below if you saw a problem with your data during the conversion health check.

Conclusion: If everything looks just like on the steps above but your conversion tracking is still not accurate - contact our support team and our experts will take a look at your setup. Remember, data will never be 100% accurate for various reasons. Click here to learn more about data inaccuracy.

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