Google Ads Conversion Setup through Analyzify

Learn how to set up, activate, and validate your Google Ads conversions through Analyzify using our step-by-step tutorial.

Google Ads Conversion Setup through Analyzify

There are several ways to track the Google Ads conversions for your Shopify store. We have observed a significantly positive change in the conversion tracking upon implementation of Analyzify’s Google Ads Conversion Setup for our merchants.

The good news is, you do not need to be an expert to make the Google Ads Conversion setup and validation through Analyzify. Our app and tutorials are here to guide you through the setup and validation processes.


Google Tag Manager renders the conversion tracking much better than the other methods. We strongly recommend using Analyzify’s Conversion Tracking (through GTM) as a primary conversion source.

How to set up Google Ads Conversions on Shopify through Analyzify?

Analyzify’s initial setup already includes the Google Ads Conversions. Your conversion tracking should be working fine if you have completed your onboarding and setup process successfully.

For The First Time Setup

If you are setting up Analyzify for the first time, our onboarding guide will ask for your Google Ads Conversion ID & label. Click here to see our tutorial on how to find these.

All the information will be passed through the GTM container file that Analyzify will generate for your store. You will only need to import it to your Google Tag Manager account to make it work fully. If you need any guidance here, just follow our setup tutorials.

Activate Google Ads Conversion Tracking After The Analyzify Setup

It is quite easy to activate Google Ads Conversion Tracking through Google Tag Manager. Analyzify’s GTM container already include the tags, so you will just need to double-check and add your ID & label through GTM. Follow this tutorial if you need any guidance.

Validate Your Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Now that you have completed the setup, it is time to validate it. You first need to receive a few new orders to validate the conversion tracking through Google Ads. Follow this tutorial to validate your Google Ads conversion tracking setup and data.

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