Google Analytics & Shopify Discrepancies

Reasons why sometimes data between Google Analytics and Shopify don't match & our solutions.

Google Analytics & Shopify Discrepancies

It is possible to see some differences between the numbers in Shopify and Google Analytics, and it is not possible to make them 100% accurate.

Main Reasons for Data Mismatch Between Shopify and Google Analytics

  • Wrong Analytics Setup

    Simply put, something went awry in the setup process, causing Google Analytics to not function as it should.

  • Ad Blockers, VPNs, Special Browsers

    Such extensions or browsers could prevent Analytics from getting “triggered”, causing it to miss out on data.

  • User Consent (GDPR - CCPA)

    Some sites (especially in Europe) have to ask users for their consent about accepting their sites’ “Cookies”. No consent results in no tracking by Google Analytics (GA).

  • iOS 14.5 & Safari Limitations

    Updates and policies of Safari make tracking a lot more difficult and short-lived.

  • Visitors Don’t Load The Pages Fully

    Leaving the site right after making a purchase may sometimes cause GA to miss the event, resulting in missing data.

  • Shopify Apps for Subscription & Upsell & Checkout

    Apps used for subscription, upsell, and checkout tend to have different GA integrations that don’t match with Shopify’s, resulting in different data.

  • Custom Page Builder Apps

    Because a lot of page builder apps require special GA integration, setting them up properly may be harder than it seems, causing an improperly functioning GA.

  • And Many Other Potential Minor Reasons

    Such as unmatching time-zones between Shopify and GA, or too much product in one transaction.

Our Solutions

  • Analyzify - Data Analytics App for Shopify

    If you have more than %15 of inconsistency, which is considered above normal, Analyzify can help you solve all your data & integration related problems and set things on track.

  • Analyzify's Server-Side Add-on

    Dodge the missing data issues caused by ad blockers by getting our server-side add-on, in addition to other benefits like faster page speed and better customer data security.

  • Expert Help

    Minor issues can be solved by consulting Shopify Experts or freelancer experts from websites like Upwork.

  • Other Shopify Apps

    You can choose the app most fitting to your needs in Shopify’s App Store.

Again, even though some discrepancies are inevitable, you can most probably get through them in a short amount of time. If you’d like to get more detailed information on this topic, visit our article .

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