GTM for Regular Shopify vs. Shopify Plus

A short clarification about the differences and limitations of Shopify's Google Tag Manager integration for different Shopify plans.

GTM for Regular Shopify vs. Shopify Plus

No matter what your store plan is on Shopify, Analyzify will work seamlessly. However, there are some limitations due to the different benefits Shopify offers to different plans like Shopify Plus, which allows them to be able to track the checkout steps.

Reminder, this doesn't mean that Analyzify isn't compatible with non-Shopify Plus stores! It will work perfectly no matter what your plan is. Google Tag Manager and all the other tracking codes will still work on every page (including the order confirmation page), with the exception of the checkout steps.

Because Shopify Plus stores have access to a file called "checkout.liquid", it allows Analyzify to render GTM through checkout steps. This is advantageous, since with the help of Analyzify, you will be able to track the behavior of your customers in the checkout process, in addition to all the other important tracking information. You can set up GTM on your store without using an app with the help of our tutorial .

Simply put, you will just have more elaborate data if you implement Analyzify to Shopify Plus, which may allow for more spot-on marketing strategies.

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