Facebook Pixel Setup through Analyzify

Learn about the preconditions and process of setting Facebook Pixel to your Shopify store through Analyzify.

Facebook Pixel Setup through Analyzify

Because integration of your Shopify store with Facebook Pixel could be a sensitive decision, please make sure to check our “Playbook: Shopify & Facebook Integration” first before you move on with the following steps. It will help you make the correct decisions.

Pre-Conditions Before the Setup

You should NOT be using the native Facebook integrations’ pixel together with the GTM setup. You should ONLY use Analyzify’s FB Pixel setup in the following conditions:

  • Your native integration is not working as expected: You have followed our troubleshooting & setup guide, waited for a few days, but it still doesn’t work. In this case, disconnect the FB Pixel through the native integrations and follow the steps below on activating Facebook Pixel tags on GTM.
  • Your native integration is working but you want to connect ANOTHER pixel. If this is the case, you can keep the native integration and use Analyzify as your second pixel. However you should bear in mind that this might cause some deduplication errors on your Facebook Pixel screens.
  • You are a Shopify Plus store and you also opted in for our server-side add-on. In this case, you should use Analyzify’s setup. However, this setup should be done by our experts, so please get in touch with our support team.

Activate Your Facebook Pixel Tags on Google Tag Manager

If your case met one of the conditions above, click on the guide link below to learn how to activate Analyzify’s Facebook Pixel tags (FB Pixel ID) on Google Tag Manager.

Learn How to Add/Change User Values in GTM.

Important Note:

If you have been seeing Facebook Pixel errors on your Facebook Business Manager, they might still stay there for several days. If you are still seeing any errors after the waiting period, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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